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Supernatural: poems about winchesters
One day the heavens opened up and gid_hanasheh was created for angelic and Supernatural poetry, and lo it was awesome. But there was a hole in the internet, an emptiness, something missing. That thing was a venue for all the poetry about Sam and Dean and other Winchesters and non-angelic stuffs.

This comm is for two things mostly:

1) Post poems you have found that are totally about Winchesters - about Sam, about Dean, about Sam and Dean, about Sam/Dean, about their family.

ETA Sept 1 2010: To be official about my intentions as a mod: for any poem that I feel would be better suited to the Gid, I will comment and mention that gid_hanasheh is more appropriate for their poem. If the poster's reasons for posting the poem fit the description of the Gid and do not include any Winchesters, I will then delete said poem. If poems do include any Winchesters, I will not delete them.

If the poem DOESN'T fit the description of the Gid, NOR does it include Winchesters… you know what, I am going to go AWESOME, WHAT A RARE GEM. If this community is a little messy, I prefer that to missing any great Supernatural poetry floating around out there, looking for somewhere to be shared.

I really don't want to be exclusive of any ships or characters; I want to make this comm first and foremost about poems.

(For a wordier version of this, see this post.)

2) Post poems that you've written about the stuff described in 1)! I know these poems are out there. And if they aren't yet, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. (Fanpoetry is ftw.)

join, proliferate, spread the word, rejoice.